Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trunk Or Treat

The nearby High School hosted a "Trunk or Treat." Ava behaved, but she's still a little young to get what was going on. After one row of cars she just wanted to run around! She actually did learn to say Trick or Treat, which was really cute.

Doc McStuffins ready to concur the trunk or treat!

A lot of the stops had large buckets or trunks full of candy.  Ava would put her hands in and play with it.  Like she'd dig around and mix it all up, lol.  We had to keep an eye to make sure she just selected 1 piece.

Checking out her goodies.  She was VERY excited when she saw some suckers in there!

Posing with a member of the Medical Club!  Haha!  Awesome.

She was showing off for the Cheerleaders.  Giving them high fives and yelling, "TOUCH DOWN!"

Here she is trick or treating.  It's really noisy but you can hear her say "Trick or Treeeeeat!"

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