Thursday, September 3, 2015

Summer Dance Preview

Ava had her summer dance preview.  Her class was really small this summer.  Only 4 kids, and on most days only 2 showed up.

I feel the summer session really helped her improve.  Probably a combination of smaller class size and more one on one attention.  Her behavior during the parents watch day had greatly improved! As well as her listening skills and technical skills.  I was really proud of her!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Random Pictures

Ava loves striking a pose.  "Mom take my picture!"

New toys.  Ava is fascinated with these small figurines called shopkins!

Another trip to the zoo.  Checking out the orangutan.

Tea Party with Grandma

Ava loves playing with play-doh.  Here are all her "candies"

Ice cream date!

Play-doh pizza with Dad

Birthday flowers from Jon and Avalyn

New favorite T Shirt!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Inside Out Video

Ava acting out the different characters from Inside Out

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Chuck E Cheese Birthday

Several months before Ava's birthday she agreed on a Fairy birthday. So I booked the location and started gathering fairy related d├ęcor. Well, about 3 weeks before her birthday she started telling me daily that should couldn't wait to go to Chuck E Cheese for her birthday!! She had been obsessed with watching Chuckie YouTube videos!   So Jon and I surprised her with a trip to Chuck E Cheese as a birthday gift.  Just the 3 of us.  It was a lot of fun and she was so thrilled!

I mean, the smile says it all!  The place was pretty quiet that day so she got some one on one time.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

More Birthday

Ava had a little celebration with her class at school. She was smiling SO BIG when they sang Happy Birthday!

After the school party Ava said she wanted to sing Happy Birthday "at home."  So we did.

Birthday morning with gifts.  She was so excited she made Jon get up at 7am!  She couldn't wait.

Princess clip dolls, Olaf tea set, and an Ariel costume.  She had so much fun opening gifts she packed them all back in the bags and REOPENED them again!!  Too funny.

Cutest mermaid!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Enchanted Woodland Fairy Party

We had so much fun at Avalyn's birthday party. It was an enchanted forest woodland fairy theme and was held at a nature center. The kids had lots of fun coloring, running around in fairy wings and animal masks, and making fairy wands. The Woodland Fairy told the kids an interactive story and showed them 3 animals (an owl, a toad, and a bunny). Ava got lots of princess and dress up gifts. She was so happy. She told me several times throughout the day, "Mommy Mommy thank you thank you for my birthday and cupcakes!" So sweet. Love her so much and can't believe she's 4!