Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Princess Party Play Date

Ava is really into princesses, so I decided to host a Princess Tea Party Play Date. The love this 3-4 age, because they are old enough to recognize the princesses by name, yet young enough that they truly believe they are princesses!

Ava was really excited about the party, she even told her teacher at school that princess were coming over to HER house.  Her teacher looked at me funny and said, "Really??"  Lol. I had to confirm that Ava wasn't making things up.

The girls had some tea party snacks before the princess arrived.  

The girls seeing the princesses for the first time.

Cinderella and Elsa were both at the party.  The princesses were GREAT with the girls!  They popped magic bubbles, played "freeze dance", read them a story, and went on a treasure hunt.  They also brought crowns for the girls to decorate.  Elsa put make up on each of the girls and Cinderella handed out special gifts from the treasure box.

Freeze Dance

Ava showing Elsa some dancing skills! 

Reading a story

You can tell Ava loved her makeover and felt very special

Each princess took home a special gift bag which included a tutu, feather boa, bracelet, necklace, and tiara.

This was super fun and I (as well as all the other moms) were just as excited as our daughters!  There is nothing better than watching their little faces light up and seeing their smiles.  I will always hold special
memories of this day.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Queen Ava

Showing Ava a few clothing options "Ava, what outfit do you want to wear today?"
  Ava points to the far left of her closet. "ELSA!"

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Festival Parade

After the carnival we found a great seat for the Fall Festival Parade. This was my home town fall festival and parade. I have not been to it in probably 10 years! So fun. I even saw a few familiar faces.

This was also Ava and Gavins first parade! They loved it, you can just see it in their faces in the pictures.  They kept saying, "OH MY GOSH!  LOOK AT THAT!"  They loved all the dancers and all the big trucks.  Gavin was over the moon when the Sheriff shook his hand.  He looked at my mom and said, "I want to be a police officer!" Oh, and the candy!  Of course they loved the candy.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Festival

All of us had a blast at the Fall Festival carnival. We got there right when it opened and almost had the place to ourselves.  The kids loved the cars and the moon bounce the best! they also had fun making sand art.  They also played some games and left with several inflatable toys.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Playdate With Crosby

So, we showed up at Crosby's house for his birthday.  I thought it was a little strange there were not many cars.  Turns out, the date had been changed and I didn't realize it!  OOPPS!!  So we had a little impromptu play date instead.

Ava loved Crosby's drums. 

Kenetic sand.  So cool.  It's like sand playdoh

Ava liked their pup Clyde as well.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dance Class - I Snuck A Few Pics

Ava usually goes into her dance room 5 minutes early and I've been taking a few pictures and video of her dancing around in front of the mirror. I  Can't wait until November when they have the parents viewing class! So here's a little peek, you can tell she's in heaven!


Monday, October 6, 2014

Deanna Rose

With the weather being so nice, Deanna Rose is just a fun way to spend an afternoon. I tossed around the idea of leaving my camera at home, since we've already been here this year. But, couldn't resist. So, hopefully you enjoy some more Deanna Rose pictures!

Cow milking

"Hi Cows!"

Ava sat and listened so intently to the cow milking demonstration!  So cute.

Riding a pony

Feeding goats.  Luckily the goats were much more mellow this time compared to our last visit.

Tractor races

Butterfly cutie

Horses.  We missed the horse drawn carriage ride.  Maybe next time.

"Mom, I love chocolate!"