Friday, April 27, 2012

The Doll - Revisited!

I have mentioned this doll before but it continues to bring Avalyn so much joy it's worthy of another post.  Not sure what it is but she just gets really excited and happy when we bring it out.  I'll let the expressions below speak for themselves!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Miss Picasso

Avalyn had her first stab at art today.  I kind of wish I would have just bought some finger paint instead of the "Crayola First."  The Crayola stuff is kind of like Vaseline and it only makes rainbows on the paper.  So next time I think we'll try baby finger paint.  I think she'd have more fun.

Lets see what these instructions say

Smear the blob

Spread it around a bit

Getting it just perfect

Smear a little more

I think that about does it

Looks pretty good

What a masterpiece

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Splash Pool

The minute I saw this I knew I had to order it!  It's the Splash Pool from One Step Ahead.  We were able to test it out today since it was in the 90's.  After Avalyn go adjusted to the hose water (brrrr) she started really enjoying herself.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Dunk

We had another fun Saturday of swimming today.  This week daddy came and watched.

We did our normal tricks.  Swimming on our tummy and back.

I love swimming mommy

Hey someone splashed me

Kick kick kick

Then it was time for the dunk.

Ready?  1 2 3

Yay!  You did it.
Ava did well, she's such a big girl!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


We've been having a lot of fun with the new car.  Ava will just sit and enjoy the scenery as we walk up and down the street.  She even honks the squeaky horn.

Ready to go cruising

Sunday, April 15, 2012

8 Months!

Pictures are getting harder with this wiggly baby!
Ok, I'll sit still for a second

Sleep: About 80% of the time you will sleep through the night. You have extended your bedtime from 6pm to 6:30. When you do wake up, you will usually sooth yourself back to sleep or take a quick bottl. I love rocking you at bedtime. You are getting so big that now you pretty much sit on my lap, tuck your arms under you, and snuggle under my chin. So sweet.

Feed: You drink about the same amount of formula and are now eating 4-6 oz of baby food at each sitting (breakfast & dinner). So far you don’t seem to be a picky eater and are pretty open to everything we have introduced. You sometimes get distracted when eating, usually by the kitten or daddy. Or if some food drips on the tray you like to play with it. You also like to talk and yell with food in your mouth, which makes for messing feedings! We tried the fresh food feeder. You seemed to like chewing and sucking on the apple. You will also gnaw on a teething biscuit. They are messy and sticky though!

Weight: guessing 18 pounds

Length: guessing 27 1/2 inches

Diaper Size: Size 3 diaper. You wiggle are roll around so much it’s hard to get a diaper on you these days. We tried the huggies little movers pull up diapers. Not a fan. We went back to pampers.

Clothes Size: A mixture of 6-9 months, 9 months, 9-12 months, and 12 months. It depends on the type of clothing and the brand. For example, I like to put you in 12 month shorts because the 9 month just look uncomfortable with a bulky diaper. It’s been fun pulling out the warmer weather clothing. Little capris and dresses are just adorable! Oh, and we are loving sandals!

Hair Color: Still brownish/black. We are still using lots of pony tail holders and clips or else it’s just a “poof” of curls on the top. The sides and back of your head are starting to get little waves!

Eye color: Still deep brown

Funniest moment: I thought it was funny you started saying Mama before Dada, but I doubt dad would think that was the funniest moment! I’d say the funniest thing this month is when you learned to turn on your crib soother by yourself. One night you were fussing in the middle of the night and dad was waiting to see if you would fall back to sleep on your own. You got quiet and he thought he got lucky but just when he got comfortable again we heard the sound of crickets from your jungle soother! Then, you kept turning it on and off so it was playing the crickets over and over. Dad finally gave up and went to get you.

Milestones: There have been many milestones this month. You are “army scooting”. You can go forwards, backwards, and around in a circle. When sitting you can lean forward and get to your hands and knees, although sometimes you get stuck in the “splits!” A few times you were able to go from your tummy back to a sitting position. So you are still working on mastering that skill. You can rock on your hands and knees but no actual crawling yet. You roll all over the living room to get where you want to get. You are saying Mama, Baba, and Agoo. You can clap your hands and pass toys from one hand to the other. You can be sitting on the floor and you’ll turn around and reach for us. You want to be picked up and played with! You love to stand and jump on us. You climb on us like a little monkey! You enjoyed being tossed up in the air, it always gets you to laugh. If we sit you on our lap and hold your hands you can stand right up. You are a natural swimmer. All the kicking and jumping you do on land is done in the pool with the same excitement!

Your favorite toy: Since you are scooting and rolling around the room, it seems everything has turned into your favorite toy! You have really enjoyed your tea set. You like tipping the tea pot over and opening the lid and hearing the music. Blocks and balls still entertain you. Instead of just picking them up and chewing on them, you have learned how to tap them together. Your piano and xylophone also make you happy. You enjoy hearing mommy sing songs to you and read books to you. Your favorite songs are, “The wheels on bus”, “Patty Cake”, and “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes.” Your favorite books are, “Animal Noises” and “Barnyard Dance.” We also have a touch and feel book. You like to “pet” the puppies and kitties in the book! You LOVE Peek A Boo! You laugh so hard when I cover your face and pretend I can’t find you. You have been raising your legs and playing with your feet too. Sometimes chewing on them. You get excited to see the kitten when she walks by and you “talk” to her a lot!


First bump on your head (Cousin Gavin threw a toy and it hit you)
First time rolling all around the room
First time putting your foot in your mouth
First time babbling words “Maaa Maaa” “Goo Goo” and “Baa Baa”
First time “army scooting”
First time going from a sitting position to a crawling position
First time going from tummy back to a sitting position
First time in an outdoor swing & slide
First time clapping by yourself
First visit to the swimming pool
First visit to the big park
First time in big girl sandals
First time in a bikini
First time feeding yourself a teething biscuit
First time standing holding yourself up with something
First time pulling up on furniture to your knees
First time using the fresh food feeder
First time being around baby ducks and chicks
First time turning on your crib soother by yourself
Tried oatmeal, chicken, turkey, beef, raspberries, apricot, baby custard, pineapple, orange
First St. Patrick’s Day
First Easter
First visit to see the Easter Bunny
First time reaching to be lifted up

Bunny Love

I love this little girl!

Ava's Swim Buddies

Oh I cant get over the cuteness of our little "swim team!"

Mason, Crosby, Avalyn, & Chloe

Girl Pals



Sweet Friends

Avalyn with her Boyfriend Crosby!

Let The Hard Work Begin

We use to have it so easy.  Set Avalyn down with some toys and she was good.  But's a whole new game.  Her movement and curiosity has increased so much it's time for baby gates.  Here are a few pics of her getting around.  It's very fun to watch her explore!

Hmm, what can I get into today

Ah ha, this looks interesting

Time to move on

These little legs never stop!

This is pretty neat

Ohh, now what do we have here?