Thursday, December 31, 2009


Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy New Year!
Jon & Rach

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Date Night!

We started off the night planning to have dinner at the Olive Garden and then watching Avatar 3D in the IMAX theater. Well, Avatar was sold out and the Olive Garden had a ridiculously long wait! So we ended up having Mexican and seeing Sherlock Holmes.
I was surprised I liked this movie as much as I did! It has a nice blend of comedy, action, adventure, and mystery. Robery Downey Jr. does an excellent job playing Holmes. Very entertaining movie.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Digital Scrapbook = Awesome Christmas Present

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Our Lovely Christmas Part 3

We started our commute to Missouri on Saturday at 11am. By 11:30am we were back at Jonathan's parents! His 4 wheel drive was not working on his truck. So we swapped his truck for his moms car and were on are way again. Can anything else go wrong on this trip??

We made it to my parents on Saturday afternoon. We counted 21 cars in ditches along the way. My family was sweet enough to leave most of the presents until I arrived so it would feel like Christmas. There was also left over Christmas dinner. We only stayed for a short time since it was still snowing.

After another scary commute we finally arrived home. Just in time too, Maya only had a few morsels of food remaining! We were also shocked by the amount of snow Kansas got! There was a drift so big we couldn't even get into the garage!

A couple weeks ago I had asked Jonathan if he wanted a snow blower for Christmas and he said no (if he only knew!). So he started the process with a shovel. Luckily we have a nice neighbor who helped Jon out with his snow blower.

So, that's our Christmas 2009 story. We are glad to be home and are enjoying one relaxing day before heading back to work.

Our Lovely Christmas Part 2

Since the Interstate was closed we ended up staying in Nebraska longer than expected. I was bummed I didn't get to see my side of the family on Christmas but it was nice to visit with Jon's family. We had a great time opening stockings via flashlights and candle light on Christmas Eve (lost power from 9:30pm - 1:30am). We had fun on Christmas morning opening gifts and watching lots of DVD's. I also enjoyed Jonathan's mom's comfort food, Chicken pot pie and mashed potatoes with meat gravy. Kate's cookies with homemade icing were also a treat!

There was also LOTS of snow! I have never seen snow like this. We usually just get ice or light snow in Kansas City.

Jonathan also enjoyed "Snow Drift Busting"

Our Lovely Christmas Part 1

Jonathan and I opened presents on Christmas Eve morning before packing to travel to Nebraska to spend time with Jonathan's family. Maya even sat with us to see what all the fuss was about. She also enjoyed playing with Jonathan's mini remote control toy Mustang.

The afternoon ended up being pretty frightening. We faced almost every weather element as we traveled north to Nebraska. Rain, sleet, ice, snow, and lots of wind! We were glad when we finally arrived safe and sound.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone has a very blessed CHRISTmas.

Jon & Rach

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Additional Holiday Touches

I've added a few more decorations around the house. Enjoy!

Our first stockings as a married couple! Eventually I'd like to get our names embroidered on them. The shape of our mantle doesn't allow for traditional stocking holders so I assumed we'd never be able to have stockings. That is until I found stocking hooks!

A Peace pillow to match my joy pillow.

Finally, I got the metal star backdrop and creche for my Nativity set! The creche is not the one sold by Demdaco (the makers of the Willow Tree Angel Line). I actually found it on E-bay! It's made from old barn wood and it goes very nicely with the willow tree set.

The Presents Are Wrapped

My Christmas shopping is done and everything is wrapped! Feels great.

Since we travel for the holidays I've put all our families presents in these big bags. It's nice because we can also use them to carry back all our special gifts from Christmas.

My...someone must have been a good boy this year! Jonathan has 14 presents under the tree.

Early Christmas Gift

Our table arrived late last week! We'll be getting a matching cabinet as well, but won't be ordering it until January. It fits great in the space.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Party

My monthly party for December was of course a holiday party! Five close family and friends joined me for yummy dinner and ornament exchange.

Lovely holiday tablescape.

Holiday buffet included pork with red wine sauce, leek mashed potatoes, pepper jelly carrots, broccoli with cheese, rolls, and a selection of holiday pie favorites.

Peppermint chocolate bark party favors.

Hot chocolate bar perfect for a cold night. Toppings included crushed candy cane, marshmallows, and whip cream.

We had a mini "white elephant" ornament exchange. Here is the entire crew showing off their new ornaments.

It was a nice night with friends and family. Keep an eye out for my January party - Parisian Rendezvous.