Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Lovely Christmas Part 3

We started our commute to Missouri on Saturday at 11am. By 11:30am we were back at Jonathan's parents! His 4 wheel drive was not working on his truck. So we swapped his truck for his moms car and were on are way again. Can anything else go wrong on this trip??

We made it to my parents on Saturday afternoon. We counted 21 cars in ditches along the way. My family was sweet enough to leave most of the presents until I arrived so it would feel like Christmas. There was also left over Christmas dinner. We only stayed for a short time since it was still snowing.

After another scary commute we finally arrived home. Just in time too, Maya only had a few morsels of food remaining! We were also shocked by the amount of snow Kansas got! There was a drift so big we couldn't even get into the garage!

A couple weeks ago I had asked Jonathan if he wanted a snow blower for Christmas and he said no (if he only knew!). So he started the process with a shovel. Luckily we have a nice neighbor who helped Jon out with his snow blower.

So, that's our Christmas 2009 story. We are glad to be home and are enjoying one relaxing day before heading back to work.

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