Thursday, September 29, 2016

American Heritage Girls - Service Project

Avalyn attended the American Heritage Girls National Day of Service. This year the girls helped Harvesters and Catholic Charities pack 300 bags of food for families in need. It was a great experience for Avalyn. She knew we were packing the bags for people who didn't have enough food to eat. The great thing was, the food was mostly fresh fruits and vegetables.  These are items that can be difficult to find at a pantry.  The food pantry's house a lot of canned and boxed food.  We also handed out toiletries and diapers. There were about 100 cars lined up waiting for us to get the bags packed. Some were there for 2 hours.

14 pallets of food

Helping pack the bags

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tooth Fairy!

While I was at work an email popped up from the school principal. It was to tell me that Avalyn lost her tooth at school, and they sent me this picture! They gave her a necklace to put her tooth in so it wouldn't get lost.

When I picked her up she couldn't wait to show me her tooth and the gap in her teeth!

She said, "watch this mom" and she thinks it's pretty cool to stick her tongue in the gap.

She put her tooth in the tooth fairy pillow right when she got home.  She actually wanted to go to bed right when she got home.  LOL!!

She set the pillow by the fairy door.

Ava was insistent that the tooth fairy brings chocolate coins!  So I got her two of them.  I also added a sparkly dollar.
The next morning I snapped a picture and Ava couldn't believe I captured the tooth fairy in a picture.  Haha!!   

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Old Settlers Day

Jon, Ava, and I went to Old Settlers Day again this year.  It was a big surprise for Ava and she was sooo excited!  She loved the rides and games.  She also saw 4 kids from kindergarten so she thought that was really cool.  We also stopped for a fried twinkie!!


Ava bumped into a friend from kindergarten.  They were inseparable after that!

One of my favorite pictures!  LOL!!

Game time!

She loved her prize. :)

Monday, September 19, 2016

Lenexa Spinach Fest

I took Ava to the Lenexa Spinach Festival because her favorite singer was there. Mr Stinky Feet! It was so cute because Ava insisted on taking her guitar so she could play in the "band."

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


It wouldn't be fall without a trip to the farm!
Here's Ava sitting in the old time school house.  She learned things like, all grades were in the class together, kids brought a small bucket for lunch and usually ate beans and pancakes, there was a "bad chair" in the front corner of the school room for kids who got in trouble, and that older kids got to use ink and a feather to write with.


Cow milking

The barn kitty

Fishing was slow.  We only caught one.

Pony ride

We still love feeding the goats

Hay ride

Monday, September 12, 2016

Ren Fest

We made our annual trip to the Ren Fest.  Ava was excited to wear her "jingles."  She loved the rides, mermaids, fairies, dancers, and unicorn.

Here she is waving at the King and Queen at the opening ceremony.  The Queen spotted her and waved back.  Ava was so excited.


Fairy Garden

 Ava wasn't too sure about the "Brownie!"  He gave her a "brownie point" (a button) which Ava tried to eat!  She said it was hard.  We had to explain what he meant!

A unicorn!

Mermaid Cove

She's a daredevil!

Fairy Forest

Treats with the fairies!  Ava got to make a craft, have cupcakes and lemonade, and hear stories from all the fairies.

The Fairy parade

Ava spent about 45 minutes doing the sand art.  She was taking it very seriously!  Jon and I got to have a break and eat lunch.

Getting knighted for "slaying the dragon!"