Monday, September 12, 2016

Ren Fest

We made our annual trip to the Ren Fest.  Ava was excited to wear her "jingles."  She loved the rides, mermaids, fairies, dancers, and unicorn.

Here she is waving at the King and Queen at the opening ceremony.  The Queen spotted her and waved back.  Ava was so excited.


Fairy Garden

 Ava wasn't too sure about the "Brownie!"  He gave her a "brownie point" (a button) which Ava tried to eat!  She said it was hard.  We had to explain what he meant!

A unicorn!

Mermaid Cove

She's a daredevil!

Fairy Forest

Treats with the fairies!  Ava got to make a craft, have cupcakes and lemonade, and hear stories from all the fairies.

The Fairy parade

Ava spent about 45 minutes doing the sand art.  She was taking it very seriously!  Jon and I got to have a break and eat lunch.

Getting knighted for "slaying the dragon!"


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