Sunday, January 29, 2012

Party Time

Avalyn got invited to her first birthday party!  She was so good and really enjoyed herself.  I hope she keeps her sweet outgoing nature.  We have another party in a couple weeks.  I'll admit, going to birthday parties has me already planning Ava's!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Saturday Morning

Mom, are you laughing at my hair again?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


As I've mentioned before, I have to get creative with Avalyns hair since she has so much of it.  Plus, without some styling it will stand straight up in the air!  I was so giggly this morning when I did her latest style.  PIGTAILS!!  So cute how they just wisp out to the sides.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Favorite Doll

Avalyn has a doll that wiggles and giggles.  She loves it!  She just stares at it and smiles, laughs, and gets all excited.  I have a feeling this is one of many dolls we'll have in our house!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

5 Months

Sleep: You are still a great night sleeper and are starting to establish a morning and afternoon nap schedule.  About 50% of the time you will sleep through the entire night, from 6pm to 6am.  The other 50% you get up between 2am-3am for a quick bottle.  I have found that by respecting your sleep schedule and naps you are the happiest baby!  You seriously hardly ever cry.

Feed: We moved you back to 4oz bottles to try and help with spit up.  So this past month it’s been 4oz when you get up and 4oz when you go to sleep.  Approximately 8 bottles per day, or 28-32oz.  We also introduced you to some foods this month.  We’ve been giving you one new taste a week.  So far you have had peas, green beans, avocado, sweet potatoes, and carrots.  Each week you are getting better and better at eating.  Now when I set you down you already open your mouth!

I would guess 13-14lbs.  I believe you had a growth spurt this month.  You just seem heavier.  But, you are solid as a rock.  Just a pot belly and a little pudge on your upper thighs is all the fat you have!

Length: My guess would be 25 ½ to 26 inches. 

Diaper Size: Size 2 diaper.  I was trying really hard to get through the remaining size 1 diapers but they were just looking too much like a diaper bikini.

Clothes Size: All size 3-6 months.  We’ve had to “retire” a few pairs of pants though just because they were getting a little short.  All the tops and onesies fit great.

Hair Color:  Mostly black but I can see some lighter brown highlights when you are in direct light.  I’ve been experimenting with different hair styles and clips.  Without them, the hair on top of your head will stand straight up and it’s about 3 inches tall!  I can tell your hair has been growing on the sides and back of your head but you still have a little bald spot on the back.

Eye color:  Still very dark brown

Funniest moment: During one of your naps you woke up screaming, which is extremely unusual.  I went rushing in to find you on your back!  You had turned over and freaked yourself out.  Also, you got a Johnny Jumper for Christmas.  The first time we put you in it we watched you and laughed for probably an hour!  It was so darn cute.  You are also getting a little ticklish on your sides.

Milestone: In one word JUMP!  You just love to jump all over.  Last month you rolled from back to front and this month you learned to go the other direction.  You are also starting to get up on your knees.  You are moving all over your bed.  You are laughing and talking more.  You are starting to examine and investigate toys more.  You also watch our lips a lot and try to move your mouth to match ours. Since you enjoy chewing on your fingers and hands now we have been able to ditch the binky without you even realizing it.  You have still been drooling a lot to.  Just a couple days ago I went to get you out of your bouncy chair and you lifted your arms up!  Not sure if it’s something you learned or just a coincidence. 

Your favorite toy: The Johnny Jumper and Jumperoo are your favorites this month.  You will jump in those for long periods.  You like the toys on the jumperoo as well and will stare at the colors and lights, spin the toys, and push the buttons.  You are still entertained with the kick piano but it doesn’t take long before you’ve flipped over on your tummy.  You like when we read to you.  Your favorite is “Animal Noises.”  When I read it you’ll look at the book and I’ll say, “Daisy the cow!” and then you’ll turn your head and look and me when I say, “goes moo moo moo.”  You do the same thing with every animal!  You also like to cuddle with a little “taggie lovie.”  Not sure if you’ll get attached or if it’s just a phase.

First Christmas
First overnight stay with Grandma (2 nights!)
First time sitting in your high chair
First time eating vegetables
First time rolling from your belly to your back
First time in the Johnny jumper
First time seeing snow
First lunch date with Mommy and her friend

Monday, January 9, 2012

First Tastes

We have not officially started Avalyn on a solid foods schedule yet (Per Dr. recommendation), but each week we give her a few tastes of a food then wait out the week to make sure there are no reactions.  At first I think she spit more out than she actually ate.  Over the past 4 weeks I can see she's getting a lot better at using her tongue and opening her mouth.  Here are a few fun pics of her first tastes.

Ew, I Don't Like Peas

Sweet Potatoes, Not Bad

More Avocado Please!

Made It Through The Green Beans

MMM Can't Get Enough Of These Carrots!