Monday, August 29, 2016

Great Wolf Lodge

One final birthday surprise for Avalyn. I took her for two nights to the Great Wolf Lodge. She had no idea we were going, until we pulled in the parking lot!! She was so excited.

She was brave enough to check out the splash bucket!

It was still nice out so we enjoyed the outdoor pool as well

Ava played the MagiQuest game.  The halls have treasure boxes, pictures, crystals, etc.  When you wave the wand they open, light up, talk, etc.  She thought her wand was truly magic!  She had a lot of fun doing her quests.

Playing mini golf

Selecting a variety of flavors of Mike & Ikes

She got a "build a bear" only she chose the dragon.  Of course!!

She loved the dancing at the "Jammie Party" one evening.  Here she is doing the Cha Cha Slide.

Story time with Wiley.  We did this both nights we were there.

Oh the arcade!  We spent lots of time in here and we had so much fun!!  We got tons of tickets and tons of prizes!!

Ava with Violet and Wiley

The toy Ava is holding, we won that from a claw machine in the arcade!

For meals Ava loved eating in these "tents."  She had froot Loops, strawberries, and bacon for breakfast each morning.

On the final day we went and got a Mommy/Daughter pedicure at Scoops Spa.  Ava smelt like strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate when we left! 

Ava got a fizzy ball in her foot bath, a sugar scrub on her legs, and lotion on her arms.  She chose yellow nail polish with "confetti."  She also got a princess sash, crown, lip gloss, and cupcake hair spritz.

A unicorn glitter tattoo

Carrying around her dragon, magic wand, and snow globe!

Relaxing on our balcony

We had so much fun.  When we left Ava said to me, "Mom I had a WONDERFUL time at the Great Wolf Lodge."  Melts my heart.  I was so glad to spend this one on one time with her right before she started kindergarten.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mad Science 5th Birthday

Ava had tons of fun at her Mad Science birthday party. Science experiments, pizza party, and yummy treats.

First they put water in a cup and said they were going to dump it on Ava's head.  The water had turned into a gel!

Feeling the gel

Next was a dry ice experiment.  They called this the "science soda."

Next they mixed dry ice with dish soap to make these awesome big bubbles!  They let the kids catch them and also dropped them on their heads.

Next was a giant bucket of dry ice.  It overflowed on to the carpet and the kids went nuts!

Last the kids got to make their own slime to take home.

Ava and Gavin


Ava was ecstatic over these roller skates!  Thanks Grandma Donna and Aunt Kate!

Ava and Micah.  He's her best friend from Pre School.

Ava and Roxy

Ava and Crosby

Jayvan in his Mad Science glasses