Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trunk Or Treat

The nearby High School hosted a "Trunk or Treat." Ava behaved, but she's still a little young to get what was going on. After one row of cars she just wanted to run around! She actually did learn to say Trick or Treat, which was really cute.

Doc McStuffins ready to concur the trunk or treat!

A lot of the stops had large buckets or trunks full of candy.  Ava would put her hands in and play with it.  Like she'd dig around and mix it all up, lol.  We had to keep an eye to make sure she just selected 1 piece.

Checking out her goodies.  She was VERY excited when she saw some suckers in there!

Posing with a member of the Medical Club!  Haha!  Awesome.

She was showing off for the Cheerleaders.  Giving them high fives and yelling, "TOUCH DOWN!"

Here she is trick or treating.  It's really noisy but you can hear her say "Trick or Treeeeeat!"

Pumpkin Patch

We tried a different pumpkin patch this year and we really enjoyed it.  It had some different entertainment, like pony rides, human hamster balls, and a giant pillow jump.  We went near the end of the day and pretty much had the place to ourselves!

We had been to the zoo and the farm earlier in the year and Ava didn't really like the animals.  I wasn't sure if she'd like the pony ride, but I got her a ticket just to see.  She LOVED it!

She kept saying "pony pony!"  Since we went at the end of the day the instructor even took her around the loop a couple extra times.

After her ride she pet the pony and leaned down and gave her a kiss.

Off to pick our pumpkin

Found it!

Ava did not like the human hamster ball!

Catch Ava!

Got it!

Jon and Ava's favorite part was the pillow bounce.  So much fun!

The last of the fun was the hay ride and kettle corn.

Love this video of Ava!
Run...Jump...Nose Dive..."Thank You!"

Pony Ride

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Doc McCutie

Ava will be Doc McStuffins this Halloween. It's her favorite cartoon! Plus, we all know she loves to check hearts, eyes, and ears!


Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin "Carving"

 We skipped the traditional carving this year an opted for the "Mr Potato Head" version.

Let me help with this pumpkin dad

It was a pretty simple process and Ava was able to help push in some of the pieces.  Except the feet, those were tricky to line up just right.

The finished product!

Ava do you like the pumpkin??  "YAY!!!!!"

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Between the Chiefs and Nebraska, we've had quite of few of these moments in our house lately!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Renaissance Festival

We decided to take a trip to the Renaissance Festival.  Ava really enjoyed herself.  Especially the singing and dancing!

The first thing we did was stop for a dance, as you can see Ava was very enthusiastic!

Up in dads arms was NOT cutting it!  She wanted closer!  We had to hold her back.

During the next dance we let her get front row!  Look at her, mesmerized!

Meeting one of the dancers

We also saw a dragon dog!

Dagger Juggling


Petting zoo

Ava the Ren Fest Kitty!

Here is Ava enjoying one of the Ren Fest Dances.  She cheers for any and all music!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Our Park Companion

Ava loves pushing her doll around in her stroller. Lately she's been pushing her all the way to the park. She makes it to the park and usually makes it 1/4th of the way back home before she abandons it and I have to carry it the rest of the way.

Whenever I take Ava on walks, we always do a nature hunt.  I give her things to play with like mulch, rocks, and flowers.  Here she's doing the same thing with her baby doll!  She stopped and plucked a "cat tail" and set it on the baby's lap.

Up the playground with baby in hand.

Down the slide with the baby doll.  This video was later in the evening so it's kind of dark.  But it's cute watching her put the baby down the slide, plus you can clearly hear her count to 5.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Chalk Painting

Ava got this chalk paint for her birthday and it was a huge hit. It's pretty cool, it comes out as a liquid and is easy to paint on the sidewalk. It looks like sidewalk chalk when it dries and is easy to spray off with the hose.

The tools

Ava painting away!

I would recommend this product.  Super fun outdoor activity. Easy cleaning.  Plus, it kept her entertained for about 30 minutes!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Carnival Picnic

My dads work had a bbq picnic/carnival. We took Ava and Gavin and they had a lot of fun.

Papaw with the kiddos

Ava loved the chicken!

There was a Ford car show.  Ava got to sit in one of the fancy cars.  She found every knob and button in it!

She had fun in the carnival area.  Her favorite was the moon bounce.  We could hardly get her out of there.  There was also a ball pit, games, and a couple rides.

Of course we had some ice cream too.

She's growing up so fast.  I was afraid she'd get toppled in here but she bounced around like a big girl with no problem.

This was the only ride we did.  She said, "WEEEEE" the entire time.  She was pretty upset when the ride was over.  She didn't understand we had to get off!