Thursday, October 24, 2013

Renaissance Festival

We decided to take a trip to the Renaissance Festival.  Ava really enjoyed herself.  Especially the singing and dancing!

The first thing we did was stop for a dance, as you can see Ava was very enthusiastic!

Up in dads arms was NOT cutting it!  She wanted closer!  We had to hold her back.

During the next dance we let her get front row!  Look at her, mesmerized!

Meeting one of the dancers

We also saw a dragon dog!

Dagger Juggling


Petting zoo

Ava the Ren Fest Kitty!

Here is Ava enjoying one of the Ren Fest Dances.  She cheers for any and all music!!


  1. Haha, that picture of you holding her back cracks me up! And how sweet that she just walked up and met one of the dancers.

    The dog, oh my!!

    Glad you guys had a good outing together! We attempted to go to the Maple Leaf Festival and made a rookie parent mistake and only brought a stroller for Drake. Chloe is going through a phase of not wanting to, ahem, obey us, and thought running around was more fun. After JJ and I both taking turns trying to wrangle her in, we decided we weren’t having much fun and left.

  2. Her facial expressions in these pictures are awesome! I'm sad we didn't make it out to the RenFest this year, we usually get out there but just ran out of weekends this year. It looks like you all had a blast and the weather was beautiful. And the dragon dog. oh wow!

  3. It looks like she had a blast. We would have had to hold Jayvan back too. We didn't make it out there this year.