Monday, October 14, 2013

First Hair Cut

I finally broke down and got Avalyns hair cut. Since it's so curly I didn't think much about a hair cut but lately it's been getting knotty at the ends when I'm de-tangling it. So, I made the appointment.

I took her to a kid friendly place and specifically requested someone with biracial hair experience.

All set in her pink jeep!

And we're off.  Praying for no tantrums!

Doing good.  Ava is fixated on Dora the Explorer cartoon.

Look at that length!  Her hair is so tight and curly.  She was getting a little whiny so we had to pull out the snacks.

Getting a little braided hairdo.  Had to pull out the big guns, Sesame Street!

All done!  She did GREAT!!  I was shocked.

Before and after.  They said to bring her with clean "free" hair.  So that's why her before pic is so messy.  After pic with braids, she's so happy!

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  1. So adorable! Chloe's first haircut did not go nearly as smooth. She wanted nothing to do with the pink Jeep or the cartoons. I'll need to remember snacks for next time, good thinkin!