Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Ava started her new preschool yesterday. She was so excited! Jon and I both dropped her off on her first day. Once Jon set her down she immediately ran and gave her teacher a huge hug! I was surprised because she's never even met her teacher before. She is usually really friendly but never runs and hugs strangers! After that she went right over to the shelf and started pulling off the large blocks and made a tower. So, we knew then she was going to be just fine! No crying when we left or anything. She got a good report at the end of the day. She was happy and friendly, and even slept in her cot!
Look at this big girl! 

 Ava with her teacher

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  1. I LOVE her outfit! Such a stylish little girl. How did you pick a preschool? I get so overwhelmed when I start looking at them for Chloe.