Friday, October 31, 2014

Pumpkin Patch - Pillow Bounce

I had SO many pictures of this pillow bounce that I decided it needed a post of it's own. Ava loved it, and it was a challenge to get her off it.  She held her own up there even with all the big kids.  I took a turn as well and she was excited about that.  I was up there only 1/3 of the time Ava was and I was already puckered out!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

We made the annual trip to the pumpkin patch. Ava has been asking to go to the pumpkin patch for a couple weeks now. It was a lot of fun (even though the place was a giant mud hole thanks to the rain the prior day!).

Ava's 39 inches this fall!

Cider doughnut!  Yum!

Found one!

Ava's favorite thing was the tractor drawn wagon ride.  We rode it THREE times in a row!  She didn't want to get off.  She loved telling everyone "hi" as they got on, and she'd point to Jon and I and say, "Thats my Momma and Daddy SEE."  Then each person sitting next to her she'd tell them she liked their hair, lol.

Feeding the goats

Love my Ava

Puckered out from the walking, getting a lift from dad.

We left with Michelangelo!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lace & Satin Session

Shortly after I had Ava's 3 year pictures taken, my friend told me about a studio that did these "Lace & Satin" sessions.  They get to dress up in a really pretty dress, have their hair done, and a light make up application.  I couldn't resist, and Ava loved having the princess treatment!

Captured Image Photography: speth &emdash; _DSC5098-1

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  Captured Image Photography: speth &emdash; _DSC5187
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Princess Party Play Date

Ava is really into princesses, so I decided to host a Princess Tea Party Play Date. The love this 3-4 age, because they are old enough to recognize the princesses by name, yet young enough that they truly believe they are princesses!

Ava was really excited about the party, she even told her teacher at school that princess were coming over to HER house.  Her teacher looked at me funny and said, "Really??"  Lol. I had to confirm that Ava wasn't making things up.

The girls had some tea party snacks before the princess arrived.  

The girls seeing the princesses for the first time.

Cinderella and Elsa were both at the party.  The princesses were GREAT with the girls!  They popped magic bubbles, played "freeze dance", read them a story, and went on a treasure hunt.  They also brought crowns for the girls to decorate.  Elsa put make up on each of the girls and Cinderella handed out special gifts from the treasure box.

Freeze Dance

Ava showing Elsa some dancing skills! 

Reading a story

You can tell Ava loved her makeover and felt very special

Each princess took home a special gift bag which included a tutu, feather boa, bracelet, necklace, and tiara.

This was super fun and I (as well as all the other moms) were just as excited as our daughters!  There is nothing better than watching their little faces light up and seeing their smiles.  I will always hold special
memories of this day.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Queen Ava

Showing Ava a few clothing options "Ava, what outfit do you want to wear today?"
  Ava points to the far left of her closet. "ELSA!"