Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Sunday

Avalyn loves Easter Eggs (prize eggs). So this year instead of a basket I got the biggest Easter surprise egg I could find!! Ava was so happy the next morning when she found it waiting for her along with some half eaten carrots and a note from the Easter Bunny.

I loaded it with a lot of different eggs.  Nesting eggs, slime eggs, chocolate surprise eggs, etc.  She also got a stuffed bunny, mini flower pot and seeds, a doodle bunny, chocolate coins, little paper pad with a pen, and a little chick that "pooped" candy.

Chocolate surprise egg

Slime eggs

I had envisioned these beautiful Easter pictures outside with this cute dress and sandals.  Sadly, mother nature decided to sleet and snow!  So we had to resort to the layered look.  Still cute as can be.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Egg Plunge

Another new thing we tried this year was the Easter Egg Plunge! Avalyn was SO excited!  She didn't really even care to much about the eggs.  She was just over the moon about getting to swim!  All the eggs were empty, obviously, but after the hunt the kids turned them all in for an Easter Treat Bag.  Afterwards we got to stay and swim for a while.

Patiently waiting!

She was all about going under water

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Train

We tried something new this year and went on the Easter Train.  It was so fun and the kids loved it!  It was a 50 minute round trip ride and the kids got to see the Easter Bunny on the train.  They made a stop halfway to have the Easter Egg Hunt.

The kids with the conductor.  He was so great, the kids adored him!!  They are so cute with their engineer hats on!

Checking out the scenery

Both kids had a blast on the hunt!  There were two golden eggs and Gavin found one of them! He got to pick a special basket.

Showing off their eggs

Gavins special basket he picked.

Conductor Gavin

Conductor Avalyn

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Easter Eggs & Cookies

We had a couple friends over to dye Easter eggs and decorate Easter cookies.

Avalyn was beyond excited to dye those eggs, lol!  I mean, she's been asking me to do this for the last 6 months.  I actually bought an extra package so we can do it again later in the year. 

We finished the day with a little Easter egg hunt and the kids had fun checking out all their goodies.  Funny story, there was a hole in our front yard and the kids were convinced that the Easter Bunny snuck through that hole to put out the Easter Eggs!!

We did glitter eggs this year

Ava's cookies, lol!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Peppa Pig LIVE

Ava and I went to see the Peppa Pig LIVE Peppa's Big Splash. It was a cute show, with puppets.  There was lots of singing and dancing so Ava loved that.  She thought the show was hilarious.  It was held in a really pretty location, the Midland Theater.  Ava ended up with yet another blinking toy, a windmill!  Prior to the show we went out for pizza and gelato.  Ava thinks she's cool stuff because she got an Izze drink.  She calls it pop, lol.