Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mad Science 5th Birthday

Ava had tons of fun at her Mad Science birthday party. Science experiments, pizza party, and yummy treats.

First they put water in a cup and said they were going to dump it on Ava's head.  The water had turned into a gel!

Feeling the gel

Next was a dry ice experiment.  They called this the "science soda."

Next they mixed dry ice with dish soap to make these awesome big bubbles!  They let the kids catch them and also dropped them on their heads.

Next was a giant bucket of dry ice.  It overflowed on to the carpet and the kids went nuts!

Last the kids got to make their own slime to take home.

Ava and Gavin


Ava was ecstatic over these roller skates!  Thanks Grandma Donna and Aunt Kate!

Ava and Micah.  He's her best friend from Pre School.

Ava and Roxy

Ava and Crosby

Jayvan in his Mad Science glasses

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  1. Such a fun birthday party! Thanks for including us and I hope Ava had an awesome time!