Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tooth Fairy!

While I was at work an email popped up from the school principal. It was to tell me that Avalyn lost her tooth at school, and they sent me this picture! They gave her a necklace to put her tooth in so it wouldn't get lost.

When I picked her up she couldn't wait to show me her tooth and the gap in her teeth!

She said, "watch this mom" and she thinks it's pretty cool to stick her tongue in the gap.

She put her tooth in the tooth fairy pillow right when she got home.  She actually wanted to go to bed right when she got home.  LOL!!

She set the pillow by the fairy door.

Ava was insistent that the tooth fairy brings chocolate coins!  So I got her two of them.  I also added a sparkly dollar.
The next morning I snapped a picture and Ava couldn't believe I captured the tooth fairy in a picture.  Haha!!   

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