Thursday, April 26, 2012

Miss Picasso

Avalyn had her first stab at art today.  I kind of wish I would have just bought some finger paint instead of the "Crayola First."  The Crayola stuff is kind of like Vaseline and it only makes rainbows on the paper.  So next time I think we'll try baby finger paint.  I think she'd have more fun.

Lets see what these instructions say

Smear the blob

Spread it around a bit

Getting it just perfect

Smear a little more

I think that about does it

Looks pretty good

What a masterpiece


  1. How fun! I hadn't even thought about letting Chloe play with finger paint, and we have a lot left over from our Valentine's Day project. That rainbow stuff is pretty cool though!

  2. That is awesome! Did she try to eat the paint? I'd love to have Maryanne do some fingerpainting, but I think it might all end up in her mouth!!