Thursday, April 12, 2012

What Has Avalyn Been Up To? A LOT!

Avalyn has learned to turn on her jungle crib soother.  So now, mom and dad get a wake up call of chirping crickets and croaking frogs.


Waiting for my 2nd tooth to pop through

She has learned to tap toys together

Tap Tap Tap

Standing while holding onto things

Being Silly

Learning to open and close things

Got it!

Playing with her mirror

Sitting for long periods


"Animals are big and small"

Clap Clap

Finally, she can go from sitting to her tummy

Except sometimes she gets stuck in the splits!


  1. I say this every time... but she is so cute!! Isn't it amazing how quickly they go from doing nothing big to doing all sorts of things? I sit amazed most days at what Roman does. He is beginning to follow commands... like get your paci and put it in your mouth, he does it! So cute!

  2. She is doing good! Keep up the good work, mom. :)