Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Party + Trick or Treat

To wrap up our week of Halloween fun, Ava had her Preschool Halloween Party. All the kidos enjoyed dressing up, listening to music, and eating yummy snacks. Ava was the most enthusiastic of the bunch, dancing while she was eating, singing, and yelling "YAY" "Bravo" after every song ended, lol.  Ava's favorite Halloween candy this year was kit kats and suckers!

She was checking this little boys heart, lol.

After the Preschool Party I took her to my work to Trick or Treat in the cubes.  Of course, she checked a few hearts there too, lol!!

After we got home she helped hand out candy.  Every time the doorbell would ring she would take off to the door.  Once opened she'd wave, "Hi Hi" and stick a handful of candy in their bags.  Looking forward to next year when we get to go door to door to trick or treat.


  1. Adorable! All the kids in their costumes at school are just too much. And her checking everyone's hearts?! Oh my, what a little sweetie.

  2. That first picture cracks me up... you can tell she must have been the center of attention. All the other kids are looking at her.