Saturday, November 16, 2013

27 Months

You LOVE singing!  I would estimate you know at least 25 songs.  The first thing you do when you get home from school is turn on the radio or CD player.  You also love singing in the car to the songs on the radio.  On your school progress report your teacher wrote, “With Ava’s singing and joyous giggle there is never a dull moment.”
You still like pretend play.  You have your baby dolls asleep and tell them to, “Wake up!”  You also like to feed them and push them in the stroller.  You also love to play tea party.

You are becoming obsessed with books.  When we finish one you immediately want another one.  You also like looking at flash cards.

You have started telling us “secrets.”  It’s so cute when you whisper in our ears.

You always yell, “TRIPPLE HUG!”  Which is where you, mom and dad all hug each other at the same time.

Your “Peas mom peas?”  Get me EVERY time!  I can never say no when you say please. 

You love to pretend YOU are a baby!  I have to feed you cheerios one at a time and then give you a drink with the sippy cup like it’s a bottle.  

You are getting to be a big girl.  Drinking out of a regular cup, putting on (and taking off) your coat, socks and shoes.  You have also started pulling up your pants and washing your hands all by yourself.

You are learning your letters and colors.  You know A is for Ava, and so far you always recognize pink and purple.

You have went on the potty a few times and that is always exciting.  We are slowly working on getting more consistent.

We’ve had a fun 3 months. Swimming, ice cream dates, gymnastics, spending a whole week with grandma in Nebraska, Renfest, pumpkin patch, first amusement park ride, Halloween, Trunk or Treat, Monkey Business, Deanna Rose, shopping trips, first haircut, and your first day of preschool.

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