Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Ava is turning into my little shopping buddy. Now that it's getting dark earlier and getting colder sometimes if we are bored we'll just go shopping! Of course, if I have some serious shopping to do Ava does not come (like buying clothes or a full grocery trip).

Here's our trip to the mall.  We start with a ride on the carousal!  She enjoys it but I was surprised I did get some mild motion sickness/dizziness.  Maybe because I was standing and taking pictures while it was moving.

We go to the Toy Store, American Doll Store and the Disney Store.  After that we hit up our favorite Mommy/Daughter cafĂ©, Panera Bread, lol. 

Of course, it's not a trip to the mall without climbing in and out of these 10 times each!

Besides the mall, we love Target!  Love browsing around, looking at the toys, and sometimes stopping at Starbucks.  Ava likes the freeze dried fruit and juice box. 
Oh, and cant forget PetSmart.  We look at the fish plus all the lizards and rodents.  If it's a weekend they usually have pet adoptions and she likes the cats and dogs.  But it's hard to get her to leave because she likes the animals!

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  1. So cute! Kennedy loves PetSmart, too. She's very into the mice (which kind of weirds me out -- I'm hoping she doesn't ask for one when she gets older!).