Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vegas - Sightseeing

As a newbie in Vegas I wanted to get out and see the strip.  In only 3 days I packed a lot in!
We went to the dolphin and tiger exhibit.  It's a small park but was awesome to see the dolphins and cats.  We got to see a dolphin training session as well.  They warned us the cats will spray so when Jon and I saw one pawing on the dirt we ran.  Some poor guy was standing there drinking his beer and got sprayed!  EWW!

Loved the white tigers

I went to visit the shark reef on my own.  It had sharks and other exotic fish, lizards, and snakes.  I was even brave enough to touch the sting ray.

That's my finger, haha

We saw 2 shows while we were there.  Absinthe and Zumanity.  Both were AWESOME!  Zumanity was a burlesque Cirque du Soleil show.  Absinthe was set up in a tent to resemble an old time circus show.   Lots of humor, music, stunts, and nudity in both shows!

One act during the Absinthe show.  Photo Credit
I missed the bodies exhibit when it was in KC so I decided to check it out since it was touring in Vegas.  It's pretty neat and I would recommend it if it's in your area.

Jon and I went to the top of the Eiffel Tower!  The Vegas Eiffel Tower is an exact replica of the real one only 1/2 the size.  They couldn't get clearance from the airport to build the tower at it's true height.  We got a nice view of the strip and even got to watch the fountains at the Bellagio.

Top of the tower looking right

Top of the tower looking left

I didn't get to do a gondola ride, maybe next time.  The human statues were pretty cool!

I rode the roller coaster at the top of New York New York, twice! 

We went to the wax museum and took cheesy pictures next to the celebrity's.  Yes, I made Jon pose as well.  He wasn't too excited about it, HA!

It was a very fun trip to Vegas.  Next time I'm going to focus on the pool and shows!

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  1. Wow, you did a lot! I have been to Vegas a couple of times and have never done any of those things. (And I'm not a gambler either.) We saw a couple of Cirque shows last time we were there, but not Zumanity. Great dolphin pic!