Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Family Pictures {Sneak Peek}

We recently had family pictures and it was an ordeal.  Deciding on a location, outfits, etc.  We had to reschedule due to rain, we were hot and sweaty, Ava was throwing hissy fits, and it was stressful to get a 2 year old to sit, smile, and do what you wanted her to do.  We left wondering why we even bother with the pictures!  Well when I saw the sneak peeks it made it all worth it!  Beautiful family pictures to have forever.  I'm excited to see the rest.  We are guaranteed 20 pictures so more to come!


  1. These are so amazing. I know what you mean though. It is a struggle to get Kyler to cooperate. Our photographer definitely earns her fee each time we do pictures. She probably wishes I would do them less often - we do them 6 months for each kid's birthday (which is the other kid's half-birthday). I know it's something I'll always treasure though, especially since I am so bad about taking pictures now that Myelle is around.