Monday, August 19, 2013

Strawberry Birthday - Decorations

We had a wonderful 2nd birthday party for Avalyn. The party was just as big as her 1st birthday. It was a lot of work but so much fun!

All pretty for her party

The theme was strawberries so I used pink, red, peach, and aqua colors.  Turned out to be a really pretty mix! 

Here is Avalyns month by month pictures.

Little sneaker.  She actually bit into one of those strawberries.  They are made of foam!

We had red roses, white mini mums, and pink ranunculus flowers set with cute pictures of Avalyn.
Lunch boxes in strawberry baskets.  The kids had peanut butter sandwiches, chips, a fruit squeeze and a choice of juice, regular milk, or strawberry milk.

The full display.  We had poppy seed chicken salad with rolls, strawberry caprese salad with bruschetta, pasta salad, strawberries with cream, strawberry trifle, cupcakes, and pink lemonade.

White lattice, vintage strawberry table cloth, burlap, crates, and baskets gave it a cute picnic feel.

I made Ava a mini strawberry shortcake for her cake this year. 

Favor bags filled with strawberry themed goodies.

It was a great day and Ava had tons of fun playing with her friends.

More pictures to come this week!


  1. You do such a great job hosting fabulous parties and this one was no exception! All of the little details were perfect and everyone had a great time!

  2. I agree! Such great party themes! Happy Birthday Ava and Mama!

  3. Your parties are amazing! Such cute ideas. Great job, Rach!