Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gymnastics Update

Ava's gymnastics skills have improved since we started. Especially on the bars. When we first started she wouldn't even hold on to the bar. Now she'll lift her legs and swing. She is getting better at waiting in line and following directions.  She still has her moments though.  She is still doing well on beam, and enjoys the foam pit and jumping on the trampoline. 

Here she is doing her backward roll.  She can also do a forward roll as well. 

Day 1 at gymnastics, she wouldn't even hold the bar

She can walk her feet halfway up the wall

Swinging on the bar

Here is a video of the bars, foam pit, and forward roll down the wedge.  The foam pit is funny.  She's so tall she can sink down to the bottom and jump on the trampoline!

Overall, we decided gymnastics is a good activity for Ava (heck, it's great exercise for Mom too!!) so we signed her up again for the fall semester.


  1. Ooh fancy! We haven't tried rolls before like that other than the coach and parent helping a kid over a wedge. I like the way you guys do it. And I wish the gym we go to had a foam pit.

  2. Love this! We'll definitely be signing K up when she's old enough. She has so much energy. I think she'll really enjoy it!