Thursday, August 15, 2013

24 Months

I can't believe my sweet baby is TWO!

You are talking all the time and it’s soo cute!  You have started to say “Mom” after every sentence!  For example, “Come on mom, outside!”   You also talk to the cat all the time.  First thing in the morning, after waking dad up, you walk around saying, “Pretty where are you??”  You also say, “Lets go”, “good morning”,  and “we’re home.”  Another new thing this month is saying peoples names.  You usually leave off the beginning of the name though, like Michelle is “shell.” 

You are such a little actress.  Sometimes you’ll just “gasp” and point at something .  When you pretend sleep you’ll “wake up” and rub your eyes while doing a really over exaggerated stretch and yawn!!

Some new skills this month.  You can balance while standing on one leg and run across the room as fast as you can and jump (we call it the long jump)

You love dancing, singing, pretend play, play food, and baby dolls.  You also love Bubble Guppies and Yo Gabba Gabba.

You are beginning to be a little more open to foods.  You’ve started enjoying spaghetti, steak, tacos, and pizza.  You also seem to enjoy anything that dad is eating!  Your other favorites are still cheerios, yogurt, all fruits, and popcorn.

Fun this month – Adoption picnic, play dates, birthday parties, 2nd birthday, blackberry picking, family pictures, swimming, gymnastics


  1. Oh my gosh, that two-piece outfit is adorable!! Such a pretty TWO year old, gah!!

  2. Happy birthday, sweet girl!

    (By the way, every time I see photos of or read about A, I see my future with K. I think they are going to be very similar in looks and personality!)