Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Videos

A couple Christmas related videos.
The first one is Ava singing Christmas Carols.  She loves singing Jingle Bells.  There is a little drama because Jon tries to sing with her and she gets mad, lol. 
She tells a cute story.  In case you don't understand she says, "There once was a snowman, who had a carrot nose, along came a bunny, and what do you suppose?, A hungry little bunny, He's looking for his lunch, He takes the snowmans carrot nose and you hear a Crunch Crunch!"
At the very end she's doing the Teddy Bear dance from her dance class.  It's not really Christmas related but I threw it in there.
Ava's dance school didn't have a Christmas recital but they did learn a little Christmas Dance.  Here it is.  Of course, I think Ava did awesome. She's definitely the most enthusiastic of the bunch!!

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