Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Play Date

We hosted the annual Christmas Play Date again this year and as always it was a great time!  Hot cocoa, cookies, crafts, reindeer food, and of course Santa!  This is the 3rd year we've had this party and it's so neat seeing these kiddos grow up together!

Most of the kids waiting for Santa's arrival.  We had 15 kids this year.  Ava's reaction was SO cute (video below).  She was so excited.

The first year we had the play date most of the kids were not even talking yet.  This year, they were all little busybodies and it was tough to get them to sit still and listen!

Singing Rudolf and Jingle Bells

There was a common theme among the Christmas lists this year.  ELSA!  Most of the kids were really into Santa this year.  A couple were not happening!

My sister and I!

Reindeer food


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  1. Not only do you plan great parties, but we can always count on you to capture awesome pictures too!! Haha, I'm glad Drake wasn't the only crying child on Santa's lap! :)