Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Part 1

Christmas morning was really fun this year.  One of my favorite moments was when Ava came down the steps and gasped, "Oh my that for me??" (Video below)

Rudolf came and ate his food.  He had some giant hoofs!

Santa ate his cookies

Ava loved opening gifts this year.  She loved it so much she pretty much opened up our presents too!  She kept asking, "Where's my name??"  It was also funny, after almost every gift she'd ask us, "Can you open it?"

She got a mix of stuff.  Games, Princesses, Ninja Turtles, clothes, etc.

Leo cracks me up, he had fun with the wrapping paper and boxes.  He seemed to be by Ava's side at all times, lol.

The Goldfish game was a huge hit!  She took it with her for the car ride to Nebraska and played it for 40 minutes of the 2 1/2 hour drive!  It was a clanky ride, but at least it kept her attention.

Leo was very intrigued with Fur-Real Pup.

Another favorite was Ava's scooter!


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