Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Part 2

Part 2 was Christmas in Nebraska. Ava was a little confused when we arrived and there were gifts under the tree, she thought she was going to get to open them right away!  Ava had fun playing with Uncle Rich, Aunt Kate, and Jemma.  The next morning we opened gifts and then had lunch.  We ate roast beef, but we told Ava it was "Roast Beast."  (from the Grinch that stole Christmas).  Ava must have watched the Grinch 20 times from the time we recorded it.  She'll try anything you call roast beast!

Rich checking out his gun case from Santa!

Ava really loved these magnetic tiles

Money fries!

Ava enjoyed her bead set

Pretty dress from Grandma

Annual Family Santa Hat pic.

One gift Ava liked was her drum sticks.  She used them for drums, a telescope, magic wand, microphone, baton, and a sword!

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