Wednesday, June 12, 2013


We took Avalyn to SeaLife and it went MUCH BETTER than the zoo trip! She LOVED the fish. She kept pointing at them and saying, "fish fish fish." She also liked telling them "hi." We tried the "touch pool" but she wasnt into that. She also didnt care for the aquarium "bubble" photo ops.

Love how most of the aquariums are low enough for Ava to see them in her stroller

Ava was not a fan of the "bubbles"

"Fish Fish Fish!"

Creepy Eel

Thats me in the bubble, lol

Ava loved the sand


  1. Oh that is so fun! Aquariums are still one of my favorite places to visit..they always seem kind-of magical to me. Glad Ava enjoyed going! Btw friend, you are looking SO beautiful and I must say, tiny!:)

  2. We are heading to SeaLife this weekend. Thanks for the preview! And you are looking great!!