Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gymnastics Class

Ava had her first gymnastics class and it was..well..exhausting!! She was all over the place. She had a great time and I'm sure after a few classes she'll pick up on the routine of things.

It's hard to tell by pictures, but Ava is a big girl!  Her class is 22 months to 2 1/2.  She barely squeaked in since she technically wont be 22 months for another couple weeks.  However, she was as big as all the 2 1/2 years olds!  This girl is tall and muscular.
Taking it all in
Ava was a natural at the beam.  After she got use to it she could walk down and back like nothing.

No surprise, she's a master jumper!  This girl has been jumping since she was born it seems.  This was her favorite activity by far.  Getting her to give the other kids a turn was a challenge!  Que temper tantrum.

We need to work on the bar skills.  She didn't like to hold on.

She loved the foam pit for about 2 minutes, then she was over it!


  1. Love it! This is something I want to do with K when she's old enough because I can tell she's going to have SO much energy. :) Ava looks like she had a great time!

  2. How fun! So glad she enjoyed it. I really want to start Chloe in a gymnastics class soon!

  3. So wonderful! Glad she had a good (if tiring!) first time at gymnastics. Hopefully she slept well for you that night?;) I find that's always a perk of my son getting tired out! I think it's awesome that she's sturdy as well, that will serve her well in life! She's just perfect..such a beautiful little girl:)