Friday, June 7, 2013

1st Zoo Trip

Ava and I had a zoo play date with our adoption playgroup. We had a big turnout with 9 kiddos! It was a perfect day to go, about 75 degrees and breezy. Ava loved the long walks in her stroller but she hated the exhibits where the animals were behind glass. She was pretty scared and I don't think she understood they were in a cage. She did ok at the exhibits where the animals were behind fences. Hopefully next year she'll be more excited about the animals!

7 of the 9 kids

Private time with her boyfriend!
You can probably tell by my pictures, my favorite exhibits were the monkeys, polar bears, and kangaroos.  It must have been the time of day but we didn't see many of the big cats.  I think Ava would have really liked them.

The polar bear was really fun to watch

Check out the top left.  See that one on it's back.  Hilarious!

Cute little monkey

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  1. What a wonderful day to share with that group of people. I love going to the zoo, and especially watching the polar bear. Were they both out for you to see?