Monday, June 17, 2013

22 Months

22 Months already!

You are getting more verbal skills. You’ve started putting words together like, “Lets go” and “All done.” You love to sing. Your favorite song to sing right now is "Row Row Row Your Boat."  You like reading books. You are picking up on more commands like, “Ava pick that up please.” A few new words this month are bird, tweet, bunny, hop, and airplane. You are also starting to interact with your toys, like feeding your dolls and pretending to take a bite out of your play food. You even say, “MMM” and do the lip smack.


Oh Ava, you are really throwing mommy for a loop in public. Especially at gymnastics. On one visit, we only stayed 10 minutes before I walked out. We’ve also left dinner at a resturant before finishing three times this month! Your tantrums resemble the show “Riverdance” because you are stomping your feet so fast.

Got some big smiles during this photo shoot!

Growing up:

Some milestones this month are you can jump off two feet now. Up until now you could only do the gallop. You can jump on a trampoline and walk a balance beam. You can almost do a forward roll. Sometimes you will walk up the stairs without holding on. You also love sitting on my make up chair and going through my makeup bag and drawers.

Found your flash light, floss, and chapstick so far mom.

Fun things this month:

Thomas the Train ride, Memorial Day, First gymnastics class, 1st Trip to the zoo, 1st trip to the aquarium, antique fair, swimming, water table, Trip to Nebraska

Fun tidbits:

You are scared to DEATH of bugs, especially roly polys and ants. You like to dip your food. Fruit and yogurt is a favorite but also chicken and bbq or ranch. You love to go bye bye and do very good with car rides. You’ve started picking out your snacks. You walk into the pantry, step on your step stool, and point to which snack you want.

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