Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Tunnel

I picked up this "pop up" tunnel at a consignment sale recently.  As soon as Avalyn saw it she started talking up a storm.  "Whatisit?" "Whatisit?" She crawled right through it!  She likes to pull it around to.

Someone else made it a home too.  She'll hide out in there and then you'll walk by and the next thing you know the tunnel is going crazy from the cat trying to attack you!

The Stalker

Avalyn was running from one end to the other talking to the cat.

Kee Cat!

That cat sure is funny


  1. Oh my goodness! Too cute! I was thinking of getting a tunnel for my son for Christmas or his birthday. Kids always love them!

  2. They had one of these at our last playgroup, and the older girls were crawling through it like crazy, but Chloe wasn't too sure. We were in the middle of a conversation and I looked down, and she had decided to crawl though it! Amber's husband snapped a picture of her coming out the other end. Funny how kids love these tunnels.