Friday, September 7, 2012

Miss "I'll Do It Myself"

Once Avalyn started eating finger food she quickly snubbed baby food.  She also snubbed being spoon fed all together!  She'll tighten her lips shut, shake her head, and pretty much slap the spoon out of her face.  So now I have to load up her spoon and set it down for her and she'll feed herself.  She's still a bit messy but overall is getting really good with her aim.

Loaded spoon

Bam straight in the mouth

See Mom I can do it myself


  1. Cute! Ella can totally feed herself...but gets to about 3/4 through a meal and asks "Mommy do it?".

  2. Boy, she's got that down pat. Dare I notice she uses her left hand? Aha!! One thing in common!!