Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Chair

I picked up this cute chair over the weekend.

Well, you have to see it to scale to really understand the cuteness.

Told ya it was cute!
Lately Avalyn has started to love sitting on things.  Our laps are her favorite, and our favorite too.  But she'll also sit on our backs or stomachs and even some of her toys.  So I thought it would be nice to get her her very own chair.

She took right to it.  Her favorite is to sit on the foot stool.

Of course "you know who" thinks she owns it!


  1. Oh my. It is a super cute chair!! Not to mention the ADORABLE little girl in it;) Too funny your kitty also thinks it's hers..

  2. That's adorable, where did you get it? We were going to get a cute pink and white polka dot chair from Gordman's for Chloe's birthday, but her grandma bought her a pink rocking chair so we figured that was enough. Pink chairs for a little girl's 1st birthday seem to be all the rage these days.