Saturday, September 15, 2012

13 Months

You are walking, stomping your feet to dance, and climbing

You walk around the house yelling and hitting your mouth (like an Indian) "Wa Wa Wa"  THEN you want to hit our mouths!

You love to sit on our laps  We love it when you do

You give us kisses whenever we ask for one  :)

You like to do things yourself, like feeding yourself with a spoon and drinking out of a water bottle

You love eating finger foods out of your snack bowl

You love Maya!  You always stand/sit next to her saying, "kee kee"

You babble and talk all the time.  It sounds like you are saying, "what is it?" except it's all ran together like, "whatisit?"

You will walk with us while we hold one of your hands

You weigh 21 lbs 5 oz and are 29 1/2 inches tall

You hate getting your diaper changed

You follow me everywhere and dad calls you my little duckling

You got a tooth way in the back of your mouth!  Others are getting close to coming through as well.

You can ride on a little car around the house

You have the cutest booty!

No more bottles and you had no problems transitioning to sippy cups

You are enjoying time outside since the weather has been cooler

Bear Crawl

Girl look at that booty!

Until next month


  1. Aww. I know I always use that word on comments but it's hard to find a different one - your daughter and posts about her are just so cute!;)

    Sounds like you have quite the little lovebug! It must especially warm your heart that she's particularly attached to that she follows you around the house!

    You always have her dressed so darling! Your little girl is beautiful:)

  2. Oh and Happy 13 months to Ava!!!

  3. That is one adorable booty! Chloe had a HORRIBLE night sleeping last night (very unusual) and I read this post before bed. We think it's teething related, but I can't feel any new teeth up front. Tonight I'm going hunting for new teeth in the back...I had no idea they could come in like that.