Friday, February 3, 2012

Showing Off The Skills

I wanted to do a post to show some of Avalyns development.  It amazes me how much she learns daily!  Time is just going by so quickly.

Love that smile!
Ok, here we go rolling back to front

Ta Da

To get back over she pushes her butt high in the air and the flops over

She is starting to interact more with toys.  She likes music, colors, and lights.

This looks interesting

I can hold this ball pretty good!

Finally, look at her sitting like a big girl.  She still topples over quite a bit but she has gotten better at balancing in just the last week.

Avalyns newest obsession...her FEET!


  1. Aww, she IS developing SO MUCH!!! So fun to see her recent progression with these photos:) Can't believe how big she's getting and that she's rolling over AND sitting up! I bet you're so very proud of her, Mama;)

  2. I can't believe I haven't followed this blog yet! Those pictures of her rolling over are great. Chloe still isn't too impressed with rolling over, she's happy with being on her back. One of these days, ha!