Sunday, February 26, 2012

First Car

I'm such a sucker for Craigslist.  I came across this adorable GIRL car and couldn't resist.  They are about $60 in the store so I got a steal.  I sat Avalyn in it and pushed her around the house.  She just sat there and looked around as we passed by everything.  SO CUTE!  I think she's going to have a lot of fun once she can pedal it on her own.

Such a big girl in her new car

Excuse me, Coming through

Mom, time to get back to pushing!

Do you notice Avalyns curls?  I got her some special hair care products for kids.  Tames the curls and keeps it nice and soft!


  1. Nice find. What product are you using on her hair?

  2. We are using Mixed Chicks for kids!

  3. Beautiful curls!!

    Those cars are SO much fun:) That was a great purchase for Avalyn..she will get lots of joy out of it!