Wednesday, February 15, 2012

6 Months


You are still sleeping from 6pm-6am usually with a quick bottle around 4am. Your morning and afternoon naps have developed now and they are about 2 hours each. For naps and bedtime you have started cuddling with a little “lovie” blanket. It’s so sweet. You are a very good sleeper, sometimes we can lay you in bed when you are semi tired and you will go right to sleep on your own.


Drinking 5 6oz bottles a day and you’ve started eating a little more solid food. The only thing you have totally hated so far is spinach, I’m not even sure you are willing to give it a second try, lol. It’s been fun mixing different foods together now that you’ve tried them all once. You really enjoy the carrot/banana cereal and banana/apple cereal. I think your favorite has been cinnamon peach cereal! You also love mixed veggies (peas/carrots/corn/green bean).


16 pounds (49%)

27 inches (83%)  Head 16.5in
Diaper Size:

Size 2 diaper

Clothes Size:

Some of the 3-6 month clothes still fit ok. Some are a little short and some are a little snug. We’ve started phasing in the 6-9 months. It’s always sad to “retire” a group of clothes because it reminds me you are growing so fast!

Hair Color:

Brownish black. You have pretty cool hair. It can be really curly, loose curls, or straight. It gets a little knotty in the back when you sleep on your back. It’s long enough now I’ve been able to use alligator clips in addition to baby snap clips. I also bought you your very own hair care products called Mixed Chicks for Kids. It has really made your hair softer and more manageable.

Eye color:


Funniest moment:

I’m able to whisper, “I’m gonna get you” and you immediately start giggling and kicking because you know I’m going to tickle you. It is so cute! Makes me laugh every time.


Lots of laughing, screeching, and jumping. Easily rolling in both directions. Sitting up for short periods. You have discovered your feet and are always looking at them and playing with them. I love to squeeze, tickle, kiss, bite and sniff them, LOL!! It makes you smile and laugh. You’ve started to reach and grab more. You grab your bottle and put it in your mouth. You like to touch all over our face when we are feeding you. We have to watch now because you’ve started going for the camera and my glasses! You are eating solids and hardly make any mess anymore. No teeth yet but you chew and drool all the time.

Your favorite toy:

The jumping toys are still your favorite by far. You also just like playing with dad and I. You like to “fly” and “jump into moms arms!” Anything you can chew on is a favorite as well. You especially love the crinkle toys to chew on. You like your doll that giggles and shakes. You are also showing more interest in the cat. When she walks by you’ll always stop and watch her. When we set you by her you’ll pet her. So sweet!


Sitting up on your own
Tried cherries, strawberries, banana, spinach, mixed veggies, cinnamon
First Valentines Day
First friends birthday party


  1. Such a sweet girl! Many similarities between our two. :)

  2. She's so precious!! I'm super jealous of the good sleeper you have. Did you sleep train her or has this just been how she is? I'm desperate for advice :)

  3. Beautiful pics and beautiful baby girl, as always!!:) You are blessed to have such a good eater and sleeper! That's so great she's especially liking veggies..have heard that's rare;)