Sunday, February 19, 2012

Playdate Brunch

Today we had a visit from Jenny and Crosby.  They are friends we met through our adoption agency.  You may remember their first date.

Well look at them now 3 months later.

Jenny and I enjoyed grown up talk and snacks while the little ones had fun talking and laughing.  Avalyn was very touchy feely.  She immediately grabbed Crosby's arm and was also trying to touch his hair and face!

Nice hair Crosby.  You even have more than I do!
You are so funny!
There are definitely dates in the future for these two!

Love Birds


  1. Too cute! Can't get over all of his hair!

  2. Those two look like they had a great time together! How fun!

  3. They are both adorable. I love the way Ava looks at him and the holding hands is sooo cute.