Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Ava attended VBS this year and just as I thought, she loved it. Especially the music and singing. I actually bought the CD this year and that's all she wants to listen to now. Very cute songs, and they are very catchy!

The little girl next to Ava is actually a girl from her preschool.  Ava was so excited to see her!!

At week end they totaled up the donation challenge (boys vs. girls).  The boys won so the girl got a pie in the face.

A week or so after VBS we had this interesting conversation while driving home from preschool.

Ava: Mom, Do you know what Jesus looks like?
Me:  Do you?
Ava:  Yes, he's a boy
Me:  Does he have brown hair?
Ava:  No, he doesn't have any hair
Me:  What does he wear?
Ava:  A karate outfit (I'm assuming she didn't know the word cloak or robe)
Ava:  He also rides a bird
Me:  Where does he live?  (I totally expected her to say Heaven)
Ava:  He lives in our hearts

Wow, talk about powerful.  I totally didn't expect her to say that!  I almost cried!

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