Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Gardens & Science City

I took a couple days off work to spend time with Avalyn.  First up we went to the gardens to have her 5 year photo shoot.  While we waited for the photographer I snapped a couple myself.  This park is a special one because it's the same location where Ava got her 1st year pictures!!

Afterwards we met up with our friends to explore Science City

We stopped in at Crown Center for lunch at our favorite location Spin Pizza

The wheel of color at the Crayola store!

Every time we go to Target Ava asks if she can get an umbrella, but I've never gotten her one.  She found this rainbow one at the Crayola store and I gave it.  She loves this thing.  She carried it everywhere downtown!!  For a couple nights after she got it she even hung it on her bed when she went to sleep.

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