Thursday, July 28, 2016

Science Experiments

Ava's birthday this year is a "Mad Science" theme.  So I bought a "bucket of science" so we could do some experiments.

First up was color orbs. These tiny color balls grow into jelly marbles.  Ava loved them !


Light beads.  Ava made her bead bracelet and didn't think it was all that neat.  I told her to go outside and let me know if it did anything.  After 30 seconds she ran back in and yelled, "MOM it did something!!"

Water cubes.  These were tiny little squares.  Looking at the water they don't look that big.  Ava was excited when she stuck her and in and they had grown to large squares.

Last up, instant snow!  It starts as a white dust.  Add water and Tada! fluffy snow.  Its even cold to the touch.


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