Sunday, May 24, 2015

Vegas Vacation Day 1

We had our first family vacation to Vegas. It went great and was so much fun! Ava had been talking about going to "Vegas Baby" for weeks!

Before we even got into the airport Ava was so excited to ride the bus from the parking lot!  She thought it was neat she had a seat all for herself.  She kept calling it a school bus.  Ava did great on the plane. I was a little worried about motion sickness and her ears, but she didn't have any problems with either. The first hour she was just excited about being on an airplane and liked looking out the window.  Then we started the snacks, coloring, and playing with toys.  She spent a lot of time pretending to feeding her T Rex raisins!  Then for the last hour we pulled out the tablet for her to watch movies.

After we got checked in and situated in our room we hit the pool.  It was a little breezy and chilly so we only made it for an hour.  It was still fun though.  After drying off Ava layed on the pool chair and rested for about an hour.

After we were all dried up we took a walk to the Flamingo to check out their Nature Sanctuary.  Ava loved looking at the animals!  They had flamingos, ducks, birds, and fish.  She wanted a picture with the parrot but as soon as it's claws touched her arms she got really scared.  So I had to hold the parrot.

One of the many photo ops on the strip!

On the way back we stopped to watch the Bellagio Fountains.  Ava said, "Look the water is dancing!"  She also loved throwing coins in the water. I would have liked to watch it more but it was only playing every 30 minutes.  After watching it once Ava was ready to move on.

Ava found another friend on the Strip!  This was probably her favorite out of the whole trip.

We ended our first night playing a few games in the arcade.  Ava really wanted to play all the slot machines, lol.  So we had to use the arcade as an alternative!

And I'll end with a little Vegas dancing!  This happened a lot.  We'd be walking along and Ava would hear some music and ask to dance!

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