Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Great Wolf Lodge

We took the kids to the Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate Gavins 5th Birthday.  Ava has been begging to go swimming and always asks me if it's summer yet, so she was soo excited!
Check out these cute little wolf pups!

Both kids would always perk up when the bell would go off (signaling the large bucket of water was going to dump) but neither one wanted to go near it!  They enjoyed watching from a distance and would always say, "Wow!  Look at that!"

Last year Ava didn't want to go down the slides, but this wasn't the case this year!  She loved them.  Both her and Gavin were up and down them almost the entire time. 

We also took advantage of Great Wolfs "cub club."  They had lots of different activities including crafts, games, and karaoke.

After dinner we attended the story time at the clock tower and the kids got to meet Oliver.

Oliver also stopped by the room before bedtime to deliver milk and cookies!  So fun!

Cant have a vacation without a little jumping on the bed. 

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