Saturday, May 3, 2014

Park Playdate

We had a fun visit with Chloe and Drake at the park.  I was just thinking that the last time we went to this park, the kids couldn't even get up the slide on their own.   

Ava absolutely LOVED this spinning ride.  She kept coming to me saying, "I need help" because she wanted me to spin it for her.  I'm surprised she didn't get sick she rode it so much!  She'd get dizzy and try to walk and collapse, it was funny. 

Sweet friends!

Ava is starting to become a little dare devil.  It's very hard not to be a "helicopter mom!"


Oh Drake had fun to!  Chewing on mulch and twigs!!

A few other kids showed up at the park and they all climbed on the spinning ride!

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  1. Oh my gosh i cant believe how little they look in that first post you linked to! Ava sure is quite the little dare devil. We had so much fun, as always!