Monday, May 12, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge

My mom, sister, and I took the kids to The Great Wolf Lodge. They had a special to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters, so we only bought tickets to swim and didn't have to stay the night.

It took the kids a little bit to warm up because it's soo loud in there!

But once they got use to it they had a blast.  It was a quiet evening and we felt like we had the place almost to ourselves.


Gavin thought it was HILARIOUS to dump the water on his moms head.  Too funny.


Towards the end, Gavin got brave enough to go down the slide.  Ava not so much, I think because there was a waterfall at the top of the slide.

We hit up the arcade afterwards and KJ hit the jackpot!  Over 1,000 tickets!

Here's another scene from the arcade.  Ava dancing on this game.  She's feeling the beat, lol!!

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  1. Fun! I still need to call to verify the ticket information, but I'm really looking forward to taking C with you guys if we can make it work!